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Kurt Warner's son is a Tyrod Taylor fan

Kurt Warner's son is a big Tyrod Taylor fan.

Tyrod Taylor is a pretty exciting quarterback to watch. He throws one of the best deep balls in the NFL. Pro Football Focus has credited Taylor with 12 touchdowns on passes 20 yards or more downfield. This is tied for first in the league with Russell Wilson.

Taylor can run. His 450 yards rushing this season trail only Cam Newton and Wilson.

He even had a great NFL quarterback rating. His 101.8 QB rating is fifth among all NFL starting quarterbacks. Only Wilson, Carson PalmerAndy Dalton and Tom Brady have higher ratings. 

All things considered, Taylor's first season as a starting QB has been a success, and with success comes popularity. It turns out that the son of a former Super Bowl champion is a Tyrod Taylor fan.


As the picture shows, Kurt Warner's son, EJ, is a big fan of Taylor and his favorite gift on Christmas was a Taylor jersey. Taylor undoubtedly will be thrilled to see Warner's son wearing his jersey.


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