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Bill Polian doesn't envision having any role with Buffalo Bills

Bill Polian backtracked on his comments in regards to consulting with the Buffalo Bills.

One week ago, former GM Bill Polian sounded as though he was open to a consultant role with the Buffalo Bills

Vic Carucci wrote the following last week on Polian:

"Polian, who resides in North Carolina, said by phone Wednesday he’s willing to provide far more detailed and comprehensive analysis directly to the Bills, but only on a consulting basis. He also made it clear that the Bills, with whom he began a long and illustrious NFL career, are the only team for which he would be a consultant."

Polian joined The John Murphy Show on Tuesday night and backtracked on the consultant statement. He said the following:

“There was a question later on which related to consulting, and which I misunderstood.  The committee on which I serve, the NFL Personnel Development Committee, has members--Charley Casserly, Ron Wolf, Ernie Accorsi, who frequently serve as consultants to teams when they go through the hiring process. And I made it clear that even though some teams have asked me to do that in the past, I can’t do it because of the terms of my ESPN contract.  That prohibits me from doing that.”

It sounds as though Polian misunderstood something that Carucci asked him during their conversation. The former Bills GM will certainly talk from time to time with owner Terry Pegula, but he won't have any official role with Buffalo going forward based upon his comments.


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