A valuable lesson in jersey buying

One Bills fan didn't get the jersey they were expecting.

Authentic NFL jerseys are expensive. Rather than spend $95 on a Sammy Watkins jersey from NFLshop.com, one fan decided to purchase a knockoff jersey. This option is significantly cheaper but you usually get what you pay for when it comes to the knockoffs.  

Knockoff jerseys generally have a few flaws but the buyer isn't expecting a perfect jersey for $20-$30. The female who purchased the Watkins jersey knew it wouldn't be flawless, but she was in for a surprise when the jersey arrived. The Buffalo Bills jersey had a pretty major flaw on it; Watkins' nameplate was placed upside down on the jersey.

The buyer is able to laugh about the appearance of the jersey and shared the picture on Facebook. Luckily for the fan, she has plenty of time to fix the jersey or purchase a new one before Buffalo's next regular season game in September.


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