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Tommy Dreamer critiques Buffalo Bills fans wrestling moves

Tommy Dreamer critiqued some Bills fans on their tailgating wrestling moves with Katie Nolan.

Pro wrestling captured my interest at an early age. By the time I was a teenager, I was hooked. During that time, attending wrestling events became commonplace. In Buffalo, I saw various WWF and WCW shows. However, my favorite teenage wrestling memories involved the Burt Flickinger Center and ECW events. One of the wrestlers I enjoyed seeing the most? Tommy Dreamer. 

Dreamer was one of the faces of ECW and always put on a show. The Innovator of Violence delivered one of the best DDTs and no one swung a Singapore cane like Dreamer. Keeping that in mind, few people are more qualified to critique Buffalo Bills fans on their pre-game wrestling moves. 

Dreamer recently joined Katie Nolan on Garbage Time with Katie Nolan and gave his thoughts on various wrestling moves attempted by Bills fans. Watch Dreamer teach Nolan all about the wrestling moves Bills fans attempted this season.

Dreamer came away pretty impressed with one move: A perfectly delivered moonsault. 


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