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Tyrod Taylor topped the NFL's QBR Under Pressure list in 2015

Pressuring Tyrod Taylor was not a good idea for opposing teams in 2015.

Tyrod Taylor made his fair share of big plays for the Buffalo Bills in 2015. It turns out that Taylor made some of his best plays when under pressure. The first time starter finished the regular season first on ESPN's Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) under pressure list.


After seeing how well Taylor performed under pressure, it'll be interesting to see if opposing teams take a different approach to game planning against the quarterback in 2016. Taylor was a nightmare matchup in his first year as Buffalo's starting quarterback so Bills fans should be pretty excited to see what the quarterback does in his second season.

Kacsmar, an assistant editor for Football Outsiders, believes that Taylor is the real deal for the Bills. In fact, he compared Taylor to an exciting quarterback on the West Coast.


No Buffalo Bills fan would complain if Taylor's career mirrored that of Russell Wilson


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