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Richie Incognito is certainly Buffalo's Most Valuable Tweeter after delivering a great tweet on Saturday morning.

Richie Incognito had the perfect response to a New York Jets writer.

You could argue that Richie Incognito was the 2015 Buffalo Bills MVP. Incognito was among the best in the league in run blocking and he opened many lanes for a team that finished the league first in rushing. While Buffalo's team MVP could be argued, Incognito proved that he is Buffalo's MVT, Most Valuable Tweeter, on Saturday morning. 

Manish Mehta, a Jets columnist for the New York Daily News, sent out a rather innocent tweet late on Friday night.


Unfortunately for Mehta, he used the phrase, "Lock it up." It was the same phrase Mehta used when describing how the NY Jets would defeat the Bills in Week 17.


That tweet caught Incognito's attention before the Week 17 matchup. In fact, Incognito told Mehta that he almost retweeted Mehta's "lock it up" prediction of the Jets over the Bills. 


Incognito, currently in Key West with Buffalo's offensive line, LeSean McCoy and Charles Clay, couldn't resist the opportunity to send a jab Mehta's way about his most recent "lock it up" prediction.


That tweet was equivalent to a pancake block by Incognito. As everyone knows, Buffalo ended the Jets season last Sunday 22-17 in a season sweep. Incognito was one of Buffalo's most valuable players in 2015 and he's certainly their most valuable tweeter. 


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