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Why the Buffalo Bills Voted Yes on Rams to Los Angeles

The Pegulas explained why they voted yes on the Rams move to LA.

It wasn't that long ago that Buffalo Bills fans worried about losing their franchise. Luckily for Bills fans, the Pegulas bid $1.4 billion to reach a deal to purchase the team and keep them away from a Toronto-based group.

Yesterday, NFL owners met and listened to proposals for different NFL teams to move away from their current cities. The Rams proposal to move to Los Angeles became the favorite as the day wore on and it went to an ownership vote. Although Bills fans knew the Rams proposal would pass in a vote, many hoped that Terry and Kim Pegula would vote 'no' on the proposal. Instead, Buffalo became one of the 30 teams to vote yes. The Pegulas explained why they voted yes to the Buffalo News.


If the Pegulas felt that the Rams proposal was best for the league then no one should take issue with their yes vote. 


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