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Tyrod Taylor's least favorite nickname is T-Mobile

Tyrod Taylor likes most of his nicknames but is ready to move on from T-Mobile

Tyrod Taylor recently sat down with John Murphy on the Buffalo Bills website for a show called "Unfiltered."

In the first segment of Taylor's appearance, Murphy asks the QB about his various nicknames. Murphy rattles off names such as T-Mobile, T-Squared, T2, T-Money and Willie Beaman before asking Buffalo's starter which nickname he prefers.

Taylor starts by mentioning that LeSean "Shady" McCoy is the only one who can call him Willie Beaman and says that most of the other names are fine.  However, after thinking for a second, Taylor mentions that he's not a fan of one of the nicknames that Murphy listed. 

"T-Mobile is probably my least favorite though," the quarterback stated. After being asked why, Taylor explained that he heard that nickname back in college at Virginia Tech and that he just wants something new.

Before moving on to the next question, Taylor said that T2 is currently his favorite nickname.


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