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Tyrod Taylor first in QB Keepability Metric

Tyrod Taylor finished the 2015 season first in a metric called QB Keepability

When it came to a metric known as quarterback keepability this season, no one was better than Tyrod Taylor. The metric is best explained by the NY Jets official website:

The measure tells us who are the most effective quarterbacks when a "meaningful" play ends with the ball still in their hands. In other words, who has the best yards/touch average when "touch" is defined as rushing minus kneeldowns plus sacks. 

Here's a look at the Keepability Index from NewYorkJets.com:


Taylor ranked ninth in the league among quarterbacks in yards per rush (5.46) and 11th in yards per rush minus kneel downs (6.66). However, when you calculate Taylor's yards per rush and subtract kneel downs and sacks, the Buffalo Bills quarterback finished first with an average of 3.02 yards per touch. The next closest quarterback on the list is former Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

The keepability rankings further prove that the Bills may have found a keeper at quarterback.


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