Bills Asylum Radio In It's Second Week!

Wednesday night (Tonight) Bills Asylum's internet radio show air it's second show. Hosted by former NFL player Nate Lewis, this show is for all NFL fans and everyone is encouraged to listen.

Last week the special guest was former Bills CB Daryl Porter. When asked of the selection of RB Willis McGahee Porter commented "Actually I saw Willis the other night and one thing I told him is pack warm clothes and learn how to play on turf". The former Boston College Eagle commented on the Bills new AstroPLay surface as well and said ; "I think it's worse then the turf. It something that catches your legs a lot quicker."

This week is our training camp special is devoted to the calls of Bills fans starting at 8:00 PM EST.

Though this show just isn't for listening as you may also call, toll free, to express your opinions/ask a question to one of our hosts. The toll free number is = > 1-877-913-9739

You may also express your opinions and ask your questions in the official chat room that will then be frowarded to the radio hosts in real time!

Click Here to find the chat room and access to the Internet radio feed. The show runs until 9:00 PM EST and is open to all NFL fans.

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