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Ed Reed gave a one word answer when asked how to defeat Tom Brady and the Patriots: Pray

Start praying Broncos fans.

The NFL already has a play called the Hail Mary, but according to new Buffalo Bills assistant defensive backs coach Ed Reed you need a different type of Hail Mary to defeat the New England Patriots.

Reed, an analyst for "Inside the NFL" answered a Twitter question on Tuesday that asked how you defeat Tom Brady and the Patriots. This was Reed's response:


Reed was obviously joking when he suggested that prayer was needed to defeat Brady and the Patriots but the former safety has had some playoff success against New England. In his career with the Baltimore Ravens, Reed played against the Patriots three times in the postseason and finished with a 2-1 record. 

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos will need a strong defensive effort and fewer drops on the offensive side of the ball to defeat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. And just to play it safe, perhaps the Broncos and their fans should say a few extra prayers leading up to the game.


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