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Ed Reed shared the events that led to him agreeing to coach with the Bills.

Reed went from making turkey nachos to discussing a job with the Bills.

Ed Reed went from making turkey nachos to taking a call about joining the Bills coaching staff. In an appearance on "Inside the NFL," Reed shared the story of Rex Ryan calling him to join the Buffalo Bills coaching staff.

"I was making some nachos for my son, man," Reed said. "Some turkey nachos. I saw the phone ringing and it said, 'Rex Ryan.' I was like, 'Whoa, Rex Ryan, what's going on?' And he's like, 'Eddddy Reeeed!' He's like, 'How would you like to come coach?'

Reed told Ryan he'd need some time to talk about the decision with his son and his son's mother. Perhaps the biggest issue standing in the way of Reed taking a job with the Bills is that his son is a New England Patriots fan. When Ryan called Reed back about the job a few days later, the former All-Pro safety said his son needed some convincing... and some Bills gear. 

After Ryan told Reed that his son could "get whatever he wants" it seems as though an agreement was in place. Reed seemed pretty excited about his new venture and gave out Bills jerseys to the "Inside the NFL" crew. That crew included NY Jets receiver Brandon Marshall


Although it was a nice gesture, it's doubtful that Marshall will be wearing that jersey anytime soon.


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