Special Teams and Secondary Highlight AM Practice

It was a beautiful day for the Buffalo Bills Wednesday training camp practice, which seemed to emphasize the special teams and also included great play from the secondary.

Wednesday session

The Buffalo Bills tried another new formation today with FB Sam Gash up at TE, only he wasn't in a stance and TE Mark Campbell, was his flanker. Out of this they tried to run a reverse to Gash's side. He blocked down and Campbell released on the outside linebacker. Grant Irons was playing DE on that side and he found himself unblocked and read the reverse with only the QB Brown to stop him. Needless to say it got ugly really fast. I watched Gilbride put an x through the play in the playbook, he realized that without a receiver to that side on a crack block the DE would be free to do that all day.

Player of the day - Has to be Tony Driver, the team had a total of 5 interceptions on the day and those aren't in CB drills, they all came in 11 vs. 11 drills. Driver's two came on consecutive plays, courtesy of QB Jason Johnson. New comer Ainsley Battles got into the action with a nice diving grab. The starting safeties appear to be Prioleau and Wire. THere's a big battle going on between Izell Reese, Driver, and the Battles competeing for the backup for the safety spots. I am surprised how big Reese looks. Danion Sidney is getting fewer and fewer reps and at this point I wouldn't be surprised to see him as an early cut. It is going to be a pinball machine in the secondary the way Wire, Reese, Prioleau and Clements hit. Although Coy Wire continues to brandish hands of stone but hits like a rock. Along those lines, Jeff Posey lined up at DE in some drills and dropped back into coverage showing skill. He successfully defended Phillip Crosby.

Travis Brown was playing better than he has been today, but where he was sucsessful young QB Jason Johnson struggled as mentioned earlier.

James Jett had a good day catching a few deep bombs. Josh Reed also grabbed a couple deep bombs from Bledsoe. Eric Moulds displayed great leaping ability and fantastic hands on a high throw in the endzone making an amazing one-handed leaping grab that was easily the play of the day.

Marcus Jones got held out of practice today. I asked Coach Krumrie about it and he said that Jones was fine, they just wanted to rest him. I also asked him about Grant Irons and Ryan Denney, he said Irons has been working really hard for him and looks pretty good, and when I asked about Denney he said that right now the players decide who the starter is, its up to them to prove they should be there and that whoever is the most productive will get the job. The left defensive end spot looks to be the most competitive position this camp.

A major emphasis of the day was special teams, and the kick return duties looks like it's still a toss-up. However, they did narrow the kick and punt return duties to less guys today, with Antonio Brown, WR Clarence Coleman, RB Ken Simonton, Tony Driver, WR Bobby Shaw, and Nate Clements doing all the return drills today.

They ran several interesting simulation drills for the kickers. Lindell, Moorman and Dorenbos had to trot in from the sidelines with time running out and attempt a 37 yard field goal with about 10 seconds left and Danny Smith counting down. Perfect almost every time.

Tom Donahoe was on the phone for much of the practice. On the injury front, Keith McKenzie and Mike Williams sat out practice but Travis Henry was going full strength with no sign of an ankle problem.

There will be one morning practice tomorrow. After of which DBs Jerton Evans, Pierson Prioleau, Scott Turner, Coy Wire will appear in the McDonald's Autograph session. Note: There will be no practices held at St. John Fisher's on Friday as the Bills will be practicing with the Cleveland Browns out of town.

Bills Report staff Joe Herne, Art Moore, and Bill Nobis contributed to this report

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