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Rex Ryan: Rob Ryan turned down some coordinator jobs to be here.

Rex Ryan said his brother turned down coordinator jobs to join him in Buffalo.

The news of Rex Ryan adding his brother Rob Ryan to the Buffalo Bills coaching staff didn't come as a major surprise to anyone in Western New York. The Bills head coach wanted to add people familiar with his defense and besides himself, no one knows the defense better than his brother Rob. 

What may come as a surprise is the fact that Rob Ryan turned down coordinator jobs to join the Bills as assistant head coach/defense according to Rex. This is what Rex Ryan told John Murphy on the Buffalo Bills web show "Unfiltered."

"You know he turned down some coordinating jobs to come here in this capacity," Ryan said. "I think the big thing is we want to win. We want to win together and have this opportunity to build something that we can both be proud of and all of us can be proud of. That's something that's really appealing to him and certainly appealing to me."

Murphy and Ryan then discussed Rob visiting with the team in December. Rex noted that it was good for his coaches to see Rob in action and stated that his brother has quite a reputation around the league.

"Reputation wise, probably the biggest grinder that there is. You're going to put him right amongst the top of the coordinators in this league."

Although some will question Rex's "top coordinators in this league" comment, Rob's addition to the coaching staff will certainly help Rex as he tries to fix a defense that struggled in 2015. 


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