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Rex Ryan seemed to take a shot at Mario Williams when speaking with the media on Friday.

It sounds like Rex Ryan took a shot at Mario Williams on Friday.

Rex Ryan met with the media on Friday to discuss the addition of several new coaches to the Buffalo Bills. During the press conference, we learned that Tim McDonald is officially the team's secondary coach, a job that had belonged to Donnie Henderson, and that Dennis Thurman is still, in title, Buffalo's defensive coordinator.

Ryan also spent time discussing Kathryn Smith, Ed Reed, and his brother Rob Ryan during the conference. However, the most interesting part of the conference was a comment that Rex made when talking about his defense that sure sounded like a shot at Mario Williams

"I've always had a system that relies on the players. Putting our players in the best position to be successful for all 11, not one," Ryan said. "It's not just built for one man, it's built for all 11 men."

Throughout the 2015 season, Williams was very vocal about his discontent in Ryan's defense. He didn't seem to like the fact that he was dropped into coverage and his lack of effort become quite noticeable on the field as the season wore on. In 15 games, Williams recorded 19 total tackles and five sacks. Buffalo reportedly will release Williams this offseason.

You can watch the entire press conference here: Rex Ryan on New Coaching Hires


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