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Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz doesn't believe a new stadium is a given for the Bills

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz doesn't believe that the NFL can force Buffalo's hand when it comes to building a new stadium.

Many Buffalo Bills fans watched what unfolded in St. Louis and recognized that what happened there could have happened in Buffalo. Luckily for the Bills, the Pegulas came in and purchased the franchise for $1.4 billion. NFL football in Buffalo is safe as long as the Pegulas own the team and that is for the foreseeable future.

Could the Pegulas ownership of the Bills have other benefits? Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz believes that may be the case. Poloncarz spoke with Donn Esmonde of The Buffalo News and stated that a new stadium may not be a necessity for the Bills and the NFL wouldn't be able to force Buffalo to build one.

“I’m not thinking a new stadium here is a given,” Poloncarz said. “Just because Goodell says it’s needed doesn’t make it so. This stadium has another 25 years of infrastructure left, and could be further updated."

Poloncarz added that the threat of the Bills leaving Buffalo is gone as the Pegulas are committed to Western New York. 

The Erie County Executive makes a good point. Stan Kroenke wanted to leave St. Louis for Los Angeles but that's certainly not the case with the Pegulas and Buffalo. The Pegulas have already invested quite a bit in Western New York and own multiple franchises in the area. In addition to the Bills, the Pegulas also own the Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bandits and Rochester Americans. 

Buffalo's lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium runs through 2023. It's entirely possible that the Bills decide to build a new stadium in Buffalo in the next few years instead of continuing their lease, but that decision will be made by the Pegulas and not Goodell. 


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