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Old Spice retells the Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets Thursday Night Football Game

Old Spice retells the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Bills and Jets as only Old Spice can...

Old Spice, yes that Old Spice, has a free book on Amazon that retells the Thursday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and NY Jets in a way that only Old Spice can.

The title of the book is Football the Game: A Book.


Here's how Old Spice previews the book on Amazon:

Triumph. Heartbreak. Old Spice. Explore the depths of the human experience through what we’re pretty sure is the first novelization of a real NFL game that happened two weeks ago. It’s free, so you can’t complain. Well we guess you could, but you probably shouldn’t. 

So cozy up in your reading chair, grab your favorite book –which is this– and prepare to be swept away by the power of football magic!

The book has apparently been available since the end of November and it's pretty entertaining. If you're on the fence about downloading the novel, here's a sneak preview:

"Fitzpatrick forced the ball to Brandon Marshall, who bobbled it. And Corey Graham intercepted! His second pick of the season. He juked down the gridiron as if the hottest Top 40 song were playing on the loudspeakers, and Graham pedaled all the way inside the 40 yard line."

In addition to the actual game, the book discusses Billy Buffalo making marionettes of the entire Bills roster pre-game and so much more. The entire book is 29 pages long so it's a rather quick read. In all, it's pretty much an Old Spice commercial in book form. Go check it out, Bills Mafia.



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