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Buffalo Bills DT Kyle Williams gave a terrific response when asked about players not buying into the defense.

Kyle Williams gave a well thought response when asked about players not buying into Rex Ryan's defense.

At the end of the 2015 season, there were talks that some players didn't buy into Rex Ryan's defense. Kyle Williams, the longest tenured Buffalo Bills player, was asked about this by John Murphy on the Bills webshow "Unfiltered". Williams, a leader in Buffalo's locker room, gave a terrific response to the question without throwing any players under the bus.

“I think human nature is we all think we know what’s best for us,” Williams said. “We all think we know what needs to be done until we’re asked that we actually have to do it. I’m a football player. I play football. My job is to execute what the defensive coordinator, the head coach or whoever what they ask me to do. I think the main thing for everybody on our team is ‘How are you pointing your finger?’ And I’ve always been a guy, and I firmly believe I’ll be this way until the day I die, the only direction I can point is at myself. What can I do to be better? How can I better prepare? Why is this not working? What can I do to make it better? And I think we need more guys that get on that page and when we get more guys that can say ‘Hey you know what? I’m going to die to myself and I’m gonna live for my team. I’m gonna do everything I have to do to make this defense work, this team work.’ That’s when I think we’ll go like this (Motioning upwards).”

Williams' locker room presence was certainly missed by the Bills after he suffered a knee injury in Week 6. His mentality of living for the team, rather than himself is exactly what the Bills defense needs in 2016 to take the next step as a defense. 


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