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WWE Superstar Rusev is a big fan of Rex Ryan

Is the Bulgarian Brute a Buffalo Bills fan?

WWE Superstar Rusev gets paid to entertain wrestling fans inside and outside of the ring. It turns out that Rusev himself is a fan of the NFL's most entertaining head coach. Is the Bulgarian Brute a Buffalo Bills fan? We can't say for sure, but he apparently is a big Rex Ryan fan. 

A Buffalo Football Report reader pointed out that Rex Ryan's name appears in Rusev's Twitter profile.

Rusev appears to root for the Los Angeles Clippers, Real Madrid and the Nashville Predators but instead of listing a football team, Ryan's name appears on the list. It turns out Rusev was very happy to see Ryan and the Bills sweep the NY Jets.


It's understandable why Rusev would like Ryan. The Bills head coach is fun to watch on the sidelines and no head coach entertains the media more than Buffalo's head coach. Ryan's brash personality could even make him an entertaining manager in the WWE after his coaching career is over. 



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