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Aaron Williams talked about his neck injury on the Buffalo Bills webshow Unfiltered

‘What are you going to do if you can’t play?’

Buffalo Bills safety Aaron Williams suffered a serious neck injury in 2015. He opened up about the injury on the Bills webshow Unfiltered with John Murphy. Williams discussed the fact that immediately after the injury he told trainers that he had no feeling in his extremities. 

Williams told the trainers, “I can’t feel anything." He then told Murphy that he "started freaking out a bit.”

Williams admitted that his mind quickly shifted into wondering if his career was over. 

“A lot of things started going through my mind. It started with, ‘What are you going to do if you can’t play?’ It’s one of those scary feelings, especially when you’re paralyzed on your left side of your body. Your mind goes through a lot of things.”

Williams has since had surgery and recently GM Doug Whaley said that the safety is ready to go. Williams agreed that he's ready for camp but he admitted that he may reconsider his career after he takes his first hit at training camp.

“If it’s one of those things where I hit it and it’s just like ah… man this doesn’t look good then I’ll have to reconsider.”

Williams' neck injury was very serious, but the safety actually said that he's glad that he went through this experience.

“I’m glad I went through this experience because it definitely shows me how this game can go away after one play and how you need to enjoy the experience.”

You can watch the entire Aaron Williams interview here: Unfiltered with Bills safety Aaron Williams


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