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Jets owner Woody Johnson is still dwelling on New York's losses to Buffalo.

Woody Johnson is having trouble getting over New York's two losses to the Bills this season.

The NY Jets were one win away from making the playoffs this season and they had their opportunities to defeat the Buffalo Bills in both matchups this season. Instead, the Jets fell to the Bills twice by a score of 22-17 with the last loss coming in a must-win game in Week 17. It was a nightmare finish for the Jets and owner Woody Johnson still isn't over losing to Rex Ryan and the Bills twice.

On Friday, Johnson spoke about the losses at the 'Jets House' and said he hated the way he lost to the Bills.

“I think we played a game the same way twice,” Johnson said. “That’s the way I recall it. I don’t know what you guys think, but I hate to lose the same way twice.”

There were certainly some similarities between the two games. In both contests, the Jets were the favored by 2.5 to 3 points. Each matchup resulted in a 22-17 victory for the Bills. And most importantly, both games ended with Ryan Fitzpatrick interceptions. 

Johnson just can't seem to get over the losses stating, “I think those [losses] stay for a long time.”

The biggest reason Johnson can't get over the losses is due to the fact that he believes the Jets should have won both contests "easily."

“I wish we had completed a few more passes,” Johnson said. “We could have won that. Easily.”

Perhaps if Fitzpatrick hadn't completed five passes to Bills defenders during the two contests, the Jets could have won "easily." Instead, they were swept by the Bills and their former head coach.


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