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Opinion: The Buffalo Bills shouldn't entertain signing Johnny Manziel

Some NFL team is going to give Johnny Manziel a second chance but that team shouldn't be the Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills need to add a quarterback to their 53-man roster.

Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel are the only two quarterbacks under contract for the Buffalo Bills in 2016. Both QBs are only signed through the season and it’s doubtful that the Bills would want to bring Manuel back after 2016.

Taylor has 14 starts under his belt, and looked like the real deal at times, but the Bills need a legitimate backup behind the quarterback. The quarterback’s playing style can lead to injuries and it’s important that someone who can win is behind the quarterback. It’s also important for Buffalo to add another option just in case Taylor goes elsewhere after the 2016 season. It’s a longshot that Taylor leaves, but stranger things have certainly happened in the NFL.

Another quarterback needs to be added to the roster. However, that quarterback shouldn’t be Johnny Manziel.

The Cleveland Browns released a statement on Tuesday that more or less stated that as soon as the league year begins, they’ll be parting ways with Manziel. What happens next is unknown in terms of league interest, but the Bills shouldn’t even entertain the idea of Manziel at this point.

Can a case for Manziel in Buffalo be made? Sure. The quarterback has similarities in his game to Buffalo’s current starter. Both quarterbacks are mobile and can pick up yards on the ground. Each quarterback can improvise when a play breaks down. Manziel and Taylor are also similar in height and weight. Taylor, 6’1”, is one inch taller than Manziel and also weighs about five pounds more than the quarterback. A case can be made that Manziel could be an intriguing fit in Buffalo's offense, but the negatives far outweigh the positives.

Manziel has issues that he needs to work through. He’s had off the field issues that have included a stint in rehab, an altercation with an ex-girlfriend, and a reported trip to Vegas that included Manziel going by the name Billy while wearing a blonde wig and glasses. That last incident wouldn’t have been a big deal if Manziel didn’t no-show a meeting with Cleveland’s team doctor while being in the concussion protocol.

On the field, Manziel’s commitment can be questioned. In his rookie season, the quarterback admitted that he didn’t take the job of being an NFL QB seriously.


Perhaps the biggest issue that Manziel would bring is unwanted media attention. Buffalo already has more than enough larger than life personalities on the team and the last thing that is needed is the extra attention that Manziel would bring. Although he’s only two years into his career, Manziel is entering Tim Tebow territory. He’s a backup quarterback who is being covered in the media 24/7.

Manziel didn’t need much time to wear out his welcome in Cleveland. Luckily for Manziel, another team will probably give him a shot due to his undeniable talent. Hopefully Manziel makes the most of this opportunity by being a good teammate and proving he’s ready to grow up.

With that said, hopefully Manziel’s second shot doesn’t come in Buffalo. The Bills seemed to have found a possible answer at quarterback and right now, it’s more important for the team to find a player they can coach up and develop behind Taylor. Buffalo needs someone they can depend on behind Taylor in 2016 and beyond and the last word anyone would use to describe Manziel right now is dependable. 


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