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Rex Ryan jokingly predicted that the Buffalo Bills would play in Super Bowl LI with Ben Schwartz.

Rex Ryan and Ben Schwartz talked about Super Bowl LI, snacks, fish and more in a Courtyard Camera Super Bowl episode.

Rex Ryan predicted that the Buffalo Bills would play in Super Bowl LI, but don't start making reservations just yet Bills fans. Buffalo's head coach said so in a playful manner when asked by comedian Ben Schwartz.

Schwartz joked that Ryan guarantees the Super Bowl every year and then asked Buffalo's head coach about the 2016 season. Ryan's response? 

"Oh please. Next year? I feel fantastic. We're going to the Super Bowl." 

Ryan and Schwartz appeared together for a Courtyard Camera Super Bowl episode. The results? Some really funny and entertaining segments.

Besides predicting that the Bills would appear in Super Bowl LI, Ryan takes part in a one-on-one interview with Schwartz, plays a game called "Is That A Snack?," has his caricature drawn with Schwartz, and although Ryan hates fish, he takes part in a fish tasting game called "Name That Fish."

Schwartz and Ryan seem to have quite a bit of fun filming the segment and Buffalo's head coach finds out he actually enjoys sea bass. All Bills fans will thoroughly enjoy this segment.



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