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How would the Buffalo Bills look with Mel Kiper as GM?

The Bills would look a lot different if Mel Kiper's picks came to fruition.

What would the Buffalo Bills look like if Mel Kiper's mock draft picks came true? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Bills fans probably wouldn't be too thrilled with the crop of picks today.

Philly Voice looked at how each team in the NFL would look if Kiper's mock drafts were 100 percent accurate from 2010 to 2015. Here's a look at Buffalo's picks from Kiper:

QB Jimmy Clausen, DT Marcell Dareus, LB Courtney Upshaw, LB Manti Te'o, OT Greg Robinson.

How do these picks fare against Buffalo's actual picks? Let's take a look.


Kiper's pick: QB Jimmy Clausen

Actual pick: RB C.J. Spiller

Verdict: Buffalo's actual pick wins round one.

Clausen fell out of the first round of the draft and was taken 48th overall by the Carolina Panthers. The quarterback has spent time with the Panthers, Chicago Bears, and Baltimore Ravens. Kiper's pick of Clausen was a big swing and a miss.

The Spiller pick was a bit of a head scratcher for the Bills but he eventually produced for the Bills. In 2012, Spiller gained 1,244 yards rushing and added another 459 yards receiving. He went over 1,000 total yards for a second consecutive season in 2013 but he never turned into the all-around back that Bills fans had hoped for. Last year, Spiller left the Bills in free agency to join the Saints. He finished the season with 112 rushing yards and 239 yards receiving for New Orleans. 

Spiller may not have panned out for the Bills, but his overall career has been much more productive than Clausen's career.


Kiper's pick: DT Marcell Dareus

Bills pick: DT Marcell Dareus

Verdict: Same pick.

Nothing to really discuss here. Dareus has been a star for Buffalo and re-signed with the Bills through the year 2021.


Kiper's pick: LB Courtney Upshaw

Bills pick: CB Stephon Gilmore

Verdict: Bills brass wins again.

Upshaw isn't a bad player by any means, but Gilmore has developed into a legitimate top 10 cornerback.

In Baltimore, Upshaw has 183 total tackles in his four year career. He's added five sacks, four forced fumbles, seven passes defensed, and 17 stuffs with the Ravens. The linebacker is set to hit free agency this offseason.

Gilmore's fifth-year option has been picked up by the Bills and he's improved as a cornerback every season. The cornerback has accounted for 178 total tackles in his career with Buffalo. Gilmore has nine career interceptions, four forced fumbles, and 50 passes defensed. In 2015, Gilmore had 18 passes defensed, a career high. He finished the season as one of PFF's Top 10 CBs. 

Buffalo has already stated that finding a way to extend Gilmore's contract is important to the team. Gilmore should only get better in his second season under Rex Ryan. The pick has really panned out for Buffalo. 


Kiper's pick: LB Manti Te'o

Bills pick: QB EJ Manuel

Verdict: Kiper gets on the board!

Te'o has missed games in all three seasons with the Chargers. He's appeared in 35 total games and has accounted for 205 total tackles, 1.5 sacks, one forced fumble, two interceptions, nine passes defensed, and 15 stuffs. He hasn't become a star by any means in the NFL, but he's been a quality player when he's on the field.

Buffalo's pick of Manuel was a reach, despite trading back to pick 16. He's now Buffalo's backup behind Tyrod Taylor and 2016 will probably be his final season with the Bills. Manuel struggles with accuracy and probably won't win another starting job in the NFL. 

In terms of one player for another, Kiper's pick wins out and it's not close.


Kiper's pick: OL Greg Robinson

Bills pick: WR Sammy Watkins

Verdict: Whaley and the Bills win this one.

Robinson received plenty of hype leading up to the 2014 NFL draft so you can't blame Kiper for picking him as a target for the Bills. That said, Robinson hasn't (yet) developed into the player the Rams thought they were getting. Robinson had a poor rookie season with St. Louis but did have a better year in 2015. His biggest issue is pass blocking, but it's far too soon to say Robinson was a poor choice. 

As for Watkins, the receiver has delivered for Buffalo. As a rookie, Watkins caught 65 passes for 982 yards and six touchdowns. Did I mention that his quarterbacks in 2014 were Manuel and Kyle Orton? Those stats are actually outstanding when you consider quarterback play.

In 2015, Watkins got off to a slow start due to injuries and the fact that Buffalo was playing with a first-time starter in Tyrod Taylor. Entering Week 9, Watkins only had 147 yards receiving. It looked like Watkins was going to have a disappointing season but then his health improved and his chemistry with Taylor really developed.

Over the final nine weeks of the season, Watkins had 900 yards receiving and seven touchdowns on 49 receptions. Over his final six games, Watkins had at least 81 yards receiving. Watkins had five 100 yard games on the season, and based upon his play at the end of the year, including a game where he made Darrelle Revis look average, Watkins is just getting started for the Bills. 

Mel Kiper is well respected for the time and effort he puts into his scouting. That said, the Bills are very lucky that they didn't end up with his draft selections for the team since 2010.


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