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Bruce Smith: Super Bowl Bills will stand the test of time

Bruce Smith knows the Super Bowl Bills will stand the test of time.

Few defensive players were more dominant than Buffalo Bills DE Bruce Smith. On the field, few players could successfully block him and his play is one of the reasons why the Bills were able to appear in four consecutive Super Bowls.

Buffalo may not have won a Super Bowl and Smith has heard all of the jokes, but he also knows that his teams will stand the test of time. In an interview with the Virginian-Pilot, Smith talked about the Super Bowl Bills. First, Smith addressed those people who bash the Bills for losing four consecutive Super Bowls.

“Those who don’t understand the magnitude of what we accomplished have never played sports or don’t understand the game," Smith said. "Talk to former players and experts on the NFL. They are amazed at what we accomplished."

He noted that many of those former players consider the Bills to be a dynasty, despite not winning the big game.

“They consider us to be a dynasty, but a dynasty that never won the big one. I think that’s a fair statement. Do you look at the cup half empty or half full? I think if you look at what we did, winning four AFC titles in a row when everyone else in the AFC desperately wanted to knock us off, that will stand the test of time.”

Buffalo may not have been able to defeat the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys, but Buffalo's dominance against the AFC cannot be ignored. Despite having a giant target on their backs, no AFC team could knock off the Bills in the playoffs for four consecutive years. A Super Bowl trophy, or four, would have been nice, but the team has stood the test of time without one. That says a lot about those Bills squads.


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