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Ralph Wilson Jr. bid on the Los Angeles Kings 50 years ago

Wilson submitted a bid for the team 50 years ago.

Back on October 28, 1959, the Buffalo Bills became the seventh team in the American Football League. Ralph Wilson Jr. owned the Bills from that date until he passed away in 2014.

However, did you know that Wilson also tried to bid on the Los Angeles Kings? It's true. Fifty years ago, Wilson was one of five individuals or groups that submitted a bid on the hockey franchise. Helene Elliott of the LA Times mentioned Wilson's bid in her article on the Kings becoming a franchise 50 years ago today.

On February 9, 1966, Jack Kent Cooke was granted the franchise. Who knows what would have happened if Wilson had won the bid. Back in 1966, the Bills were still a part of the AFL and it's perhaps there were no rules preventing someone from owning sports franchises in different cities. 

Ironically, over 30 years later in 1997, Wilson was one of five owners who voted against NFL owners being allowed to own franchises in other sports. 

Wilson may not have won the bid for the Kings, but it's interesting to see that the former Bills owner was interested in owning the LA Kings once upon a time.


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