Don't rush to judgment on LeSean McCoy

Let the process play out on the LeSean McCoy story.

Some Buffalo Bills fans and media alike need to put down the pitchforks and blow out the torches. There is no reason to run LeSean McCoy out of town right now.

Yes, McCoy was involved in an alleged assault at the Recess Lounge, a Philadelphia nightclub. And yes, two off-duty policemen were involved in the alleged assault. Videos have surfaced and although the quality of the videos aren't great, McCoy was certainly involved in the incident. The media has reported that the incident started over champagne, but we still haven't heard McCoy's side of the story and no one knows just how responsible McCoy is for the injuries to the officers. 

Let the process play out. A warrant for McCoy is expected this week according to media outlets and once this occurs, we'll learn more information about the incident. Right now, the only videos available show the fight already in progress. No one really knows who initiated the fight or how intoxicated all parties were at the time of the alleged assault. It's possible that an eyewitness saw the entire brawl from the start, but right now no one knows the entire story.

Perhaps McCoy will end up in quite a bit of trouble. Maybe the case will get settled out of court. It's even possible that any charges that come out against McCoy eventually get dropped. Right now, no one truly knows what the outcome will be for McCoy and that's why everyone needs to let the process play out.

Don't rush to judgment on McCoy.


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