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Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy isn't expected to receive an arrest warrant on Thursday.

No decision is expected to be made on Thursday regarding an arrest warrant for LeSean McCoy.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that an arrest warrant for Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was imminent. In fact, reports listed Wednesday or Thursday as possible dates for McCoy to have a warrant issued for his arrest. It didn't happen on Wednesday and doesn't appear to be happening today.

ESPN's Mark Schwarz reported that a high ranking Philadelphia police official said no decision on an arrest warrant for McCoy was expected on Thursday. The high ranking official added that the District Attorney's Office wanted to be thorough before determining possible charges.

In a bit of a new wrinkle, ESPN stated that a third officer has filed a police report:

"A third officer, who was not listed in the incident report, has filed a police report, ESPN has learned. A police source told Schwarz that this could mean the DA is trying to bring one more count, if charges are filed."

McCoy has hired Philadelphia lawyer Larry Krasner to represent him. PennLive.com has information on Krasner and it appears he specializes in criminal defense and police brutality.


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