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Radio host Kevin Kiley of 92.3 The Fan was not on the air Friday. Kiley had been critical of the Buffalo Bills hiring Kathryn Smith

Kiley felt he was censored at The Fan.

Remember Kevin Kiley? He was the Cleveland radio host who bashed the Buffalo Bills for hiring Kathryn Smith as quality control special teams coach. Calling the move "absurd," Kiley's take upset quite a few people. On Friday, Kiley wasn't on the air at 92.3 WKRK-FM The Fan and it turns out he won't be on again anytime soon.

Kiley appeared on WOIO Sports Extra on Thursday night and revealed that he resigned from his job back in November. He noted that his resignation was to come into effect at the end of February, but he wasn't on the radio today. Kiley claimed it was tough to work at the radio station and that he felt censored.

"In 35 years I've never been censored and I shouldn't have been censored for this," Kiley said. "You shouldn't accept censorship ever. You should make sure the people on the radio are telling you the truth as they see it."

After hearing Kiley's "truth as he sees it" about Smith, The Fan is better off without him. Kiley will likely turn up somewhere else in the near future, but something tells us that he won't be pursued by any Buffalo radio stations.


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