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Don't expect the Buffalo Bills to start contract talks with Cordy Glenn and Richie Incognito until the NFL combine.

Most NFL teams will talk with agents at the NFL Scouting Combine about contract negotiations.

The NFL Scouting Combine will begin in two weeks. It's a time for NFL teams to continue their scouting process on NFL prospects. The "Underwear Olympics" will move certain prospects up and down the draft board based upon their performances. 

In addition to scouting college prospects, the NFL Scouting Combine is also the time when teams meet face-to-face with agents. That's when the Buffalo Bills will probably get the ball rolling on re-signing Richie Incognito and Cordy Glenn. Buffalo Bills writer Chris Brown addressed the topic in his Fan Friday article. On Incognito and Glenn:

I believe the Bills will make every effort to return both of them to Buffalo’s offensive line. But as we know it takes two to get a deal consummated. Initial talks have begun, but things typically don’t get down to brass tacks until the week of the NFL Combine. That’s when Jim Overdorf and Doug Whaley can meet face to face with agents who are in Indianapolis for the week. It’s then that concrete parameters are usually set and more intense negotiations ensue.

Doug Whaley has stated his desire to bring Incognito and Glenn back to Buffalo. Incognito has also stressed how much he wants to return to the Bills, so it's very possible that the left guard's framework is negotiated and possibly even agreed to in the next few weeks. Buffalo won't be too active in free agency this year, but it's very important for the team to keep their offensive line intact. 


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