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Buffalo Bills 49th Overall Pick History

Buffalo has selected one player at pick 49 all-time.

The Buffalo Bills history of selecting players 19th overall was very underwhelming. Two of the three players the Bills drafted out of that spot went on to win championships… in the CFL.

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How about pick 49? It turns out that Buffalo’s history of selecting players 49th overall is equally as unimpressive. In Buffalo’s all-time draft history, they’ve only drafted 49th overall once. That occurred in 1981 when the Bills selected defensive back Chris Williams of LSU.


Williams had a great career at LSU. The defensive back had 202 tackles during his four seasons with LSU and 20 interceptions. Williams’ 20 interceptions is still No. 1 all-time in the history of the program. To date, he is also tied for first all-time in single-season interceptions (8) and single-game interceptions (3). He made the All-SEC team in 1978-1980 and was LSU’s MVP in his final season with the team.

Unfortunately, Williams’ professional career didn’t go as well. He played in Buffalo for three seasons. According to NFL.com, Williams had three career interceptions, all of which came in his final season with the Bills. 


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