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Report: Philadelphia D.A. office is hesitant to issue arrest warrant for LeSean McCoy

This may explain why an arrest warrant went from "imminent" last week to still not being issued to LeSean McCoy.

An arrest warrant for Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was supposedly "imminent" last week. Over one week later, no warrant has been issued and is reporting that the District Attorney's Office is pushing back against issuing an arrest warrant to McCoy.

John Gonzalez of CSN Philly reports:

According to law enforcement officials, tension between the District Attorney’s office and PPD has risen over the last few days because of the delay in charging McCoy and three other men for their alleged role in a fight at Recess Lounge in Old City early on the morning of Feb. 7. Sources told that the D.A.’s office is hesitant to issue warrants because it has questions about the conduct of the officers that evening, including that the officers did not call 9-1-1 during the incident and whether they were drinking to excess.

The amount of alcohol consumed by the off-duty officers could hurt the credibility of their statements. It's important to note that the police report stated that the off-duty officers had purchased four bottles of champagne. Yesterday, Dennis Cogan, one of McCoy's attorneys, spoke to The Buffalo News and said that the running back was innocent and sober when the fight broke out at the Recess Lounge. 

If CSN Philly's sources are correct, a warrant may not be issued at all for McCoy. 


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