I predict games will go on Sunday

The Bills will continue to prepare for their game with the Dolphins this weekend unless the league announces that games will be canceled due to Tuesday's terrorist attacks on the United States. A league announcement is expected Thursday, but fans should anticipate that the games will be played.

The NFL will sell its decision to play under the guise of helping the country heal and return to normal life, while not letting the criminals who organized the attacks gain the satisfaction of knowing that they disrupted the U.S. But if the owners are really sincere about that – and they're not playing simply to line their multi-millionaire pockets with more money – then they should have no problem donating their net profits from Sunday's games to the rescue and cleanup efforts in New York and Washington. That would be very appropriate . . .

Bills coach Gregg Williams said all the players reported for work today and the team began the morning with a prayer, followed by a discussion on yesterday's tragedies. Director of player programs Paul Lancaster was available to talk to team members and others in the organization.

"We discussed our support for our nation's needs," said Williams, "be it in blood donations, be it in monetary donations, be it in time donations, even though we understand the lack of time while we are in our season."

The team will practice today from 1:10 to 3:20 p.m. Williams said he expects and understands that in the wake of such a tragedy, football will only be a trivial matter for his players and coaches. Like most Americans, they are more focused on the magnitude and meaning of the disaster, as well as the aftermath that will follow for the days, weeks and months ahead.

But he alluded to the fact that his team will be prepared to play, if it's asked to play as a way to help the country heal from the wounds it suffered.

"If our country believes and our government believes that it's safe to play these ball games then that's our part. That's what we should do. If the league says that it's safe to play these games this weekend, then that's what we should do, if that's our part. That's what we do. That's what our job is. We'll be ready to do those things."

Williams added, "It would be hard for me to put a strong enough word on how inconsequential it is. You know this is a game. You know this is entertainment. (The attack represented) the very core of what our existence is as a nation. What we do is just a game." . . .

Bryce Fisher, who spent two years as an Air Force officer in active duty, is still with the team. Initially, Williams was unsure whether Fisher would be called into service.

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