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LeSean McCoy and his reps had cancelled a meeting with the D.A. but it's back on according to abc6.

McCoy, his representatives, and the district attorney have apparently worked things out and will be meeting after all.

UPDATE: McCoy's meeting with the district attorney is back on.


LeSean McCoy and his representatives were set to meet with the Philadelphia district attorney earlier on Tuesday, but plans changed. McCoy and his representatives cancelled the meeting as they were not pleased that news of the meeting was leaked according to John Gonzalez of CSN Philadelphia.

Now, it sounds as though cooler heads have prevailed and McCoy's reps will meet with the district attorney at a new location. Gonzalez isn't sure if McCoy will be in attendance at the rescheduled meeting.


Currently, McCoy is under investigation for his role in a brawl that occurred between off-duty police officers, McCoy, and his friends at the Recess Lounge in Philadelphia on February 7. Recently, a report surfaced that claimed the officers instigated the brawl. If that is the case, it may be difficult to press charges against McCoy and his friends.


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