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Did Buffalo Bills DE Mario Williams have a change of heart?

Mario Williams is suddenly open to the idea of restructuring his contract to stay with his "family."

Mario Williams told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that he’d consider a pay cut to remain with the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday. Williams’ statement could be sincere, but forgive me for being skeptical.

Williams had an unproductive season in 2015. You can blame Rex Ryan’s scheme all you want, but Williams’ lack of production was due to his own lack of effort. The defensive end complained openly about the defensive scheme and when his comments didn’t get the reaction he had hoped, Williams shut down on the field. Go back and watch Williams down the stretch of the 2015 season. Williams’ pass rush involved him engaging with an offensive tackle and then nudging said tackle with his shoulder. It was painful to watch Williams give various offensive tackles an easy payday.

Now, Williams is suddenly open to returning because his teammates are “family.” I’m not buying it. This was the same family that Williams let down throughout the season with his effort. It’s the same “family” that said Williams cared more about his RC cars.


Williams wasn’t a good "family member" in 2015 and for that reason the Bills can’t bring him back in 2016. There’s no doubt in my mind that Williams knows this and he, and his agent, are going into damage control.

My theory? Williams’ agent has “unofficially” been talking to teams about the possibility of adding Williams and the interest isn’t as high as they anticipated. Other teams saw Williams’ effort, or lack thereof, on the field. Why would any team want to add the defensive end? It’s going to be costly and who’s to say that Williams doesn’t quit on his next team when things don’t go his way?

Williams’ statement wasn't sincere. This was an attempt to save face and appear to be a team player. Best case scenario? Buffalo bites on the comment and reworks his contract. The defensive end would make more money in Buffalo than he could get on the open market at this point in his career. Worst case scenario? There really isn’t one. He’ll be released by Buffalo in the near future and hit the free agent market. And if Williams can get one team to buy into his “family” comment, he’ll get a good paycheck from another NFL team.

Williams’ statement was nothing more than well-timed damage control, and he’ll be laughing about it all the way to the bank in the near future when another team signs him.

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