Mark Brennan

The Buffalo Bills may be interested in Penn State's Austin Johnson.

Jim Monos mentioned Johnson specifically about a defensive tackle prospect he likes.

Perhaps it's nothing, but the Buffalo Bills Director of Player Personnel may have given Bills fans an idea of a defensive tackle that the team is interested in drafting. Jim Monos held a Twitter chat on the Bills official account on Friday and was asked which defensive tackle he liked that may be available in the draft. Monos mentioned that the 2016 draft is deep at the defensive tackle position and named Penn State's Austin Johnson as one player who is contributing to that depth.

Buffalo had scouts in attendance at four Penn State games this season so it's very possible that Johnson is a target for the team.

Johnson would be an ideal target to play nose tackle in Buffalo's 3-4 defense. The prospect has been praised for his lower body strength and athleticism for his size. At 6'4" and 323 pounds, Johnson certainly fits the bill for what Buffalo would look for in a nose tackle. 

Johnson is currently being projected as a second round pick in the 2016 NFL draft.


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