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Buffalo Bills fans gave Scott Norwood a standing ovation on Saturday night.

Bills fans showed their admiration for Scott Norwood after Super Bowl XXV and again on Saturday night.

Nowadays, some football fans will go out of their way to harass football players. This is especially common for kickers. Look no further than this year's NFL playoffs. Blair Walsh and Stephen Gostkowski both received death threats after missing crucial kicks in their respective playoff games. Walsh's chip shot field goal led to a Seahawks win and Gostkowski's missed extra point, his first from 2006, played a large role in New England's loss to the Denver Broncos.

The age of social media certainly has a lot to do with the threats of today. Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms certainly didn't exist 25 years ago when the Buffalo Bills lost Super Bowl XXV. On that day, a Scott Norwood missed a difficult kick that would have won the big game for the Bills. Yet, one day after that missed field goal Bills fans were nothing but class. At a ceremony to honor Buffalo, 25,000 Bills fans chanted "We Want Scott!"

One day after the kick, Bills fans let Norwood know how much they appreciated him and he said, "I've never felt more loved than right now."

Fast forward to 2016 and Norwood still struggles with the missed kick. It still haunts and torments Norwood today based upon the kicker's comments in the ESPN 30 for 30: Four Falls of Buffalo as well as what Norwood recently said in an interview with Tim Graham of The Buffalo News.

On Saturday, Norwood was back in Buffalo for WGR's roast of Hall of Fame WR Andre Reed. When the former kicker was introduced, Norwood received a standing ovation.

Bills fans showed their love and admiration of Norwood on Saturday. It may not have been as emotional as the "We Want Scott" chants, but it was a great reminder of how fans should treat their current and former players.


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