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Buffalo Football Report Exclusive: Richie Incognito and the Buffalo Bills are close to a new deal.

The Bills and Incognito are "not far off" on a three-year deal.

Despite a report that the Buffalo Bills were frustrated with Richie Incognito, the two sides are close to a new deal.

A source close to Incognito revealed that the Bills are "not far off" to inking the Pro Bowl left guard to a three-year contract. The only issue holding up the deal is how Buffalo is structuring the contract. 

Incognito wants the majority of his salary in the first two years of the contract, but Buffalo's latest offer had Incognito receiving a good amount of money, as well as a large cap hit, in year three.

Considering that Incognito will turn 33 in July, it's understandable that he'd want the majority of his salary in the first two years of the contract. 

With negotiations ongoing, there's no telling when the deal would be finalized but the source simply stated that "the deal was close."

It looks as though Buffalo's offensive line will remain intact for 2016.


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