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Former Buffalo Bills QB Doug Flutie has joined this season's Dancing with the Stars cast.

Flutie will join current NFL players Von Miller and Antonio Brown.

Doug Flutie spent plenty of time dancing in the Buffalo Bills backfield looking for passing lanes when he quarterbacked the team from 1998 to 2000. Now, Flutie is reportedly set to do some actual dancing. The former Bills quarterback will be joining this year's Dancing with the Stars cast.


Flutie started in 30 games for the Bills and held a 21-9 record as starter. He made the 1998 Pro Bowl team as a member of the Bills and was a member of the last Bills team to appear in the playoffs. Despite his 10-5 starting record in 1999, the Bills opted to start Rob Johnson in the playoffs over Flutie. 

The quarterback retired from the NFL after the 2005 season. Flutie is currently the lead analyst for Notre Dame football on NBC. 

Update: Flutie confirmed the news on Tuesday and shared who his dance partner will be on the show.



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