Bills Prime Time Practice Highlights

After having Sunday off the Bills got back to practicing. This time in front of 8,000 under the stars in St. John Fishers college in Pittsford, New York.

The Bills returned home for a night practice tonight. Among the things scene by the crowd on hand were:
  • Drew Bledsoe and the other other QBs tossing toward large bins. Drew was off the mark on one of his throws.
  • A defensive line drill in which the lineman came out of their three point stance and had to swipe at a big green medicine ball rolled at them by coach Tim Krumrie.
  • S Jerton Evans moving up to and laying the smack on RB De'Mond Parker
  • QB Drew Bledsoe huddling up the offense in response to an overall poor showing
  • Rookie LB Angelo Crowell combining with DT Justin Bannan to stuff RB Joe Burns on a run
  • DE Keith McKenzie sniffing out a screen intended for RB Sammy Morris.
  • OT Mike Williams returned to practice after some time off with a hamstring injury.
  • Travis Henry was given the night off for a rest period.

The Bills will hit the practice field early tomorrow at 8:25 am. Players expected to sign autographs following the session are: Pro Bowl OG Ruben Brown, OT Marcus Price, OT Justin Sands and OG Marques Sullivan.

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