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Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan made a stop at nursing home to visit their old babysitter.

Rex and Rob Ryan visited their former babysitter and the moment was captured.

Think your job is tough? Imagine being hired to babysit the toddler versions of Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan

One woman who held that job years ago asked for the not so little Ryan brothers to pay her a visit in the nursing home where she currently resides. Although it's a busy time of year with free agency in full swing and the draft approaching, the Buffalo Bills coaches found time to pay her a visit.

Here's a look at Rex and Rob surprising their former babysitter.


Pictures of the visit were also uploaded on Imgur: Rex and Rob Ryan visit former babysitter.

The images show Rex and Rob visiting with their former babysitter, signing memorabilia, and taking pictures with the nursing home staff. 

Based upon the reaction of their former babysitter in the video and the smile on her face in the photos, the Ryan brothers did a great job of making her day. 


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