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Matt Cassel was given $58.73 for performance pay from the Buffalo Bills.

Matt Cassel's performance pay from the Cowboys was much better.

At one point in time, Matt Cassel was the favorite to win the starting job with the Buffalo Bills. It didn't quite work out that way for the veteran quarterback, but in Week 1 Cassel was under center on Buffalo's first play of the season. 

Today, performance-based pay was given out across the NFL. Money is awarded to players who played the most snaps on the lowest salaries. For his time in Buffalo, Cassel earned a cool $58.73 from the Bills. Apparently the result of the play, a six yard loss on a LeSean McCoy run, didn't factor into the pay.

Although Cassel's performance-based pay with the Bills won't go very far, he was awarded $28,241.22 from the Dallas Cowboys

On the opposite side of things, here's a look at the five players who earned the most money in performance-based pay for the Bills in 2015.


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