The Buffalo Bills were one of 17 teams in attendance at Navy's Pro Day

The Bills were in attendance for Navy's Pro Day.

The Buffalo Bills were one of 17 teams in attendance for Navy's Pro Day on Friday. Navy shared the following image on their Twitter feed on Friday:

Although Navy doesn't have any draft prospects expected to be selected in the first two days of the draft, they have two prospects who could get drafted late on day three.

The headliner among Navy's draft eligible players is Keenan Reynolds. Reynolds will try to convert from an option-quarterback at Navy to running back in the NFL. It'll be an interesting transition but Reynolds could be an interesting weapon to have in an offense. Reynolds seems like the type of player that offensive coordinator Greg Roman could utilize in Buffalo's offense. 

Besides Reynolds, fullback Chris Swain could be selected late in the draft. If Swain goes undrafted, Buffalo could target him as an UDFA to compete with Jerome Felton. 


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