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Doug Whaley talked about Buffalo's draft philosophy on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Whaley's philosophy on the first three rounds of the draft is to select based upon needs.

Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley was on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Friday. During his time on the show, Whaley was asked about his draft philosophy as Bills GM. 

Whaley said that in the first three rounds of the draft, every pick would address a need. Here's a direct quote, via NFL.com, about Whaley's philosophy:

"I tell everybody -- where we are as a team, there is not one position we wouldn't draft in the first, second or third round that we wouldn't have a need for," Whaley said. "Either by a guy coming in to compete for a starting job or a guy to add depth. And what you really want to do is now, in a year or two when you really need a guy, you're not relying on a rookie to go through those highs and lows. You have a guy that's been in your system for a year or two."

Entering the 2016 NFL draft, Buffalo has quite a few draft needs that could be addressed in the first three rounds. The team's needs include nose tackle, edge rusher, inside linebacker, and wide receiver. 

Most of Buffalo's biggest needs are on the defensive side of the ball. The 2016 draft class is considered to be loaded on the defensive side of the ball, so the Bills should be able to address needs while still selecting the best player available on their board.

You can listen to Whaley's entire interview here: Doug Whaley on SiriusXM NFL Radio 


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