Tyrod Taylor's agent is unhappy with the Buffalo Bills

Adisa Bakari feels the Bills should give his client an extension sooner rather than later.

On Monday, Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News reported that the Buffalo Bills were focused on extending the contract of Stephon Gilmore. Within the article, it was also mentioned that Buffalo was going to let quarterback Tyrod Taylor play out his current contract with the Bills as "little progress" was made on an extension. 

From a financial standpoint, Buffalo's stance makes sense. The team only has $7.57 million in cap space and if Buffalo uses all eight of their draft picks, they'll have to devote almost $6 million of that space to their rookies. That leaves Buffalo with little room to work on a long-term deal with Taylor, whereas an extension for Gilmore could actually lower his cap hit in 2016 and free up additional money for Buffalo. Buffalo's stance may make sense, but that doesn't mean that Taylor's agent is happy about Buffalo's stance towards letting Taylor play out his current contract. 

Carucci shared a statement from Taylor's agent, Adisa Bakari, on his Twitter feed. Here is what Bakari had to say:






Bakari is simply doing his job as an agent by making this statement. However, the Bills are wise to wait on extending Taylor. Although the quarterback played very well in 2015, his sample size is small. He has 14 starts under his belt and an 8-6 record. Bakari will most likely try to get Taylor close to $18 million per season on average, the type of money Brock Osweiler is receiving from the Houston Texans despite only playing in seven games. 

Although Bakari wants to help his client cash in sooner rather than later, it looks as though they'll both have to wait. If Taylor's strong play continues in 2016, Buffalo will do everything in its power to reach a long-term deal with the quarterback. 


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