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The Buffalo Bills are apparently no longer in the mix to be featured on Hard Knocks

It appears that the Bills are no longer in the mix to be featured on Hard Knocks.

The Buffalo Bills at one point appeared to be one of the favorites to appear on HBO's Hard Knocks. Now, it appears the team is completely out of the mix.

Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News is at the NFL owners meetings where Rex Ryan is meeting with the local media. During Ryan's Tuesday morning talk with the media, the discussion of Hard Knocks was brought up.


Pro Football Talk said back in February that the Saints were bracing themselves to be involuntarily chosen to appear on the show. As for the Rams, their move to Los Angeles could be chronicled for the world to see. 

It makes plenty of sense that Ryan would be fine with the New Orleans Saints or Los Angeles Rams appearing on Hard Knocks. The cameras could have been an unneeded distraction for the team. Although Buffalo has no shortage of entertaining players and coaches, Hard Knocks going elsewhere in 2016 could be a blessing in disguise for the Bills. 


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