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Rex Ryan insulted when the Buffalo Bills defense was compared to the Cleveland Browns defense.

"I've never been that low in my life."

Rex Ryan is a pretty laid back individual. The Buffalo Bills is fast to crack a joke at his own expense and is generally in a jovial mood around the media. 

On Tuesday, that wasn't the case at all times. At the AFC coaches' breakfast, one reporter asked Ryan if he was surprised by how long it took for the team to get the defense. The exchange below comes from Matthew Fairburn of newyorkupstate.com:

Reporter: Are you surprised how look it took guys to get your defense. Kansas City, Cleveland with Mike, it didn't take that long, wasn't as much problem other places. Were you surprised?

Ryan: Well, all you've got to do is just look at my success that I had. I went to the Jets when we went from 23rd to No. 1 in the league overnight. So what I did is, I should have brought in some guys that previously played for me. I think that would have helped. I didn't. I never thought it was necessary, where clearly it probably would have helped. And I think when you look at it, when you compare me to Cleveland's defense, I don't think that's appropriate because I've never been that low in my life, OK? So I don't appreciate that comment. It's a joke. Just look at my history. I finished one time outside the top 10, so don't put me at 30th in the league in defense. I just don't get it.

Ryan's track record on the defensive side of the ball does speak for itself. As a head coach, here is how his defenses have ranked in total yards.

Year Team Defensive Yards Rank
2009 NYJ 1
2010 NYJ 3
2011 NYJ 5
2012 NYJ 8
2013 NYJ 11
2014 NYJ 6
2015 BUF 19

This year, Ryan can prove that last year was simply due to the learning curve of the defense. In the meantime, don't compare his defense to the Cleveland Browns.


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