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Rob Ryan may coach Preston Brown in 2016.

John Murphy believes that Rob Ryan will be coaching Preston Brown.

Preston Brown's play was a topic of discussion at the AFC coaches' breakfast on Tuesday with Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan told the media that Brown has everything you look for in a Mike linebacker, but noted that the job of the Mike LB is to be the quarterback of the defense. In that regard, Ryan said that Brown needs to work on his communication on the field.

"I know it's not his personality off the field, he's a very quiet individual," Ryan said. "But you've got to be a leader on it. That's the challenge to Preston, and he understands that. We'll see how he does in that role."

Ryan added that Brown needs to step up in 2016, noting that Manny Lawson took over play-calling duties last season.

"He needs to step up. We handed that off to Manny Lawson. But Preston, to me, that's going to be a challenge. And we're going to put a pretty good coach with him to make sure that that goes the way we want it to." When asked who will work with Brown, Ryan stated, "You guys know who it is."

On The John Murphy Show, Murphy played back the clips of Ryan talking about Brown and when the coach was brought up, Murphy said the following:

"It's Rob Ryan, right? Rex tells us, it's Rob Ryan who's going to work with Preston Brown." 

Although Rex didn't come right out and say it, Rob makes plenty of sense in that role. He obviously knows all of the terminology in the defense and has plenty of experience working with linebackers. He's spent much of his recent career as a defensive coordinator, but Rob Ryan specifically worked with Patriots' linebackers from 2000-2003. 


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