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Preston Brown: I've been holding back my emotions

Preston Brown opened up about his 2015 season with The Buffalo News.

Preston Brown has come under fire recently. Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan talked about the inside linebacker at the AFC coaches' breakfast this week and noted that the inside linebacker needs to step up in 2016 and become more vocal.

"I know it's not his personality off the field, he's a very quiet individual," Ryan said. "But you've got to be a leader on it. That's the challenge to Preston, and he understands that. We'll see how he does in that role."

"He needs to step up. We handed that off to Manny Lawson. But Preston, to me, that's going to be a challenge. And we're going to put a pretty good coach with him to make sure that that goes the way we want it to." When asked who will work with Brown, Ryan stated, "You guys know who it is."

On Thursday, Brown showed that he can be very vocal. The inside linebacker talked with Tyler Dunne of The Buffalo News about last season and the challenges that he dealt with in Ryan's defense.

“I’ve been holding back my emotions,” Brown told Dunne. “But this year, there’s no more sitting back, not saying anything. I’m going to say what I have to say. And if I’m right or wrong, we’re going to work it out."

Last year, Brown, in his second season, seemed hesitant to butt heads with certain veteran players. This season, he's speaking up no matter what.

“Last year, I was trying to stay away from confrontation a little bit with some of the older guys,” said Brown. “But we’re all grown men and we can deal with it. So I need to take charge. If people get their feelings hurt — and we’re winning games — I’d rather win games with people running around with their feelings hurt.

“So I’m going to do what we have to do to win games this year.”

Rex Ryan wanted a vocal Preston Brown in 2016 and it looks like Brown is ready to be very vocal with the Bills.

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