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The Buffalo Bills selected Sinestro in the NFL's DC Comics Mock Draft

Sinestro has more red flags than a Double Dare obstacle course, but the selection makes plenty of sense.

NFL.com recently conducted a DC Comics Mock Draft to celebate "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" opening in theaters. Neither superhero went first overall, that honor went to Bane, but both Superman and Batman were off the board when the Buffalo Bills were on the clock.

At pick 19, NFL.com had the Bills selecting Sinestro. Here is what was said about the DC Comics character:

It's no secret that Rex Ryan likes defenders who can intimidate opposing quarterbacks. What better fit for his defensive scheme than a man who feeds off the fear of other people? Sinestro comes with a number of red flags, namely his banishment from the Green Lantern Corps, but Ryan proved with his signing of Richie Incognito that he's not afraid of giving people second chances.

In case you're unfamiliar with Thaal Sinestro, the character is an arch-nemesis of the Green Lantern. Here are some of Sinestro's powers according to DC Comics:

Powers: hard light constructs, instant weaponry, force fields, flight, durability, alien technology, fear provocation, intelligence

Here's what we know about Sinestro:

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 205 lbs.

Vertical: As high as you want, he has the power of flight

Sinestro's skill-set would certainly make him a movable chess piece in Rex Ryan's defense. 


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